Copy/Paste URLS to Dynalist from Chrome has problem, Safari does not

1: Copy a URL from Safari and paste it into Dynalist
2:Then paste that URL into Chrome and enter (re-search for that URL).
3" Copy the URL from Chrome and paste it into Dynalist

The link from Chrome appears twice with bracket characters
The link from Safari appears as it should.

NOTE: To see the problem set your cursor on the space to the right of the Chrome URL
I dropped a screenshot below…

I expected both URL links in Dynalist to appear the same, but they don’t. To check if there were any differences in the spelling, I looked at both URLs in my text editor. They were identical. It’s a mystery.

I’m on a iMac running Mojave 10.14.4.
This happens on my Mac desktop version (not in a browser).

The Chrome link is in Markdown edit mode. If you click away it will revert to a normal link appearance. In the edit mode you can edit the link name (the bit in square brackets) to something else e.g. CBS, the actual link (in round brackets) will still point to the url.

Can I change my Chrome settings so when I copy the URL it’s not copied in that mode? It’s not a minor thing. If a URL is long, whenever I hover over the line, it more than doubles in size. It visually gets in the way. help