Consider an item's note in auto-completion

I think all (text) content should be considered for auto-completion. Of course, matches in notes should have a lower weight than ones in items.

My suggestion for the distribution of matching weights (just spitballing here):

  1. Literal matches before fuzzy ones.
  2. Matches in items before matches in notes. (Literal matches in notes should however be presented before fuzzy matches in items.)
  3. Matches in plain text before matches in links. (Odds are you want to link to original content rather than to a another link.]
  4. Fuzzy matches by length of consecutive letters.
  5. Proximitiy to current item.

###Original topic (in Bugs): Auto-completion does not consider notes

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an item with some text and also add text as a note.
    E.g. let’s say the item text is “Vector space” and the note text contains an alias for this topic “(A.k.a. linear space)”.

  2. In a new item try to use auto-completion, but with the item’s note content.
    E.g. type “[[linear”.

Expected result

The auto-completion popup should show the entry for “Vector space”, as it contains “linear” in its note.

Actual result

The entry for “Vector space” is not listed in the auto-completion popup.


Win 10 Pro x64, Chrome 62.0.3202.94 x64

I think this should be feature request rather than a bug, maybe via the support of an “in-note:” search operator.

Also auto-completion search is very different from normal search, since the results need to show up in a specific order. I don’t think matches in notes should carry the same weight as matches in item titles, and we need to experiment to see what’s the appropriate proportion.

I understand you see this as something broken, but auto-completion wasn’t designed to consider notes, sorry for the confusion if any. Do you mind moving it to a feature request?