Connection Down again?

Is anyone else getting connection issues once again? I get “Bad Gateway” on

Yes, I’m getting the same error. Make sure to back up your open docs!

Yep, same here

Paging @Erica and @Shida – you might have a network or server issue.

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This will be very bad if the Dynalist folks are once again all unavailable.

And something for the postmortem: when the Sync button let me know there was a problem, a message box popped up saying (paraphrasing here): “Don’t select the backup option. Click here to find out how to save your documents.” I did that and wound up on a help page in the same window. When I attempted to get back to my documents, they wouldn’t reload.

If you’re going to give people links to click to tell them how to save data, please make sure clicking the link doesn’t result in the loss of the data. Any such link should be forced to open in a new window.


Same Here!

it’s working again

Update: It’s back up.

Short explanation: Our service provider was doing mass reboots for Spectre and Meltdown mitigations. We will write a more detailed post about this soon.

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Hi Shida,

Thank you for the update. What is the best way to reach out to you or Erica in case of problem?

Tried twitter and linkedin but I was wondering what would be the most efficient!

Thanks again.

Update: we just posted the post-mortem.

Twitter and email support are the best ways already. Unfortunately in some cases it’s not guaranteed that we’ll see those messages as soon as they were sent.