Connected Items (same level, simple 2-5 steps tasks without a Project title/parent)


I am wondering if it is just me or this is a good suggestion.

I am using Dynalist/Workflowy as a GTD x Bullet Journal x to-do list - aka everything goes.

I often find myself having small tasks that has multiple items but not big enough to be a ‘project’ (aka have a header, although proper GTD says anything with more than one action is a project).

I am talking about e.g. I wanted to help my friend order something from the web…

  • Ordered ABC for @friendname
  • Recevied ABC for @friendname
  • Received payment from @friendname

For example, for those three actions, at the moment, I have two choices: keep them as loose items as above, or give them a project parent, e.g. “Order ABC for @frienedname”…

The issue for me is, this happened a lot and having a title like “Order ABC for @friendname” is not very useful and cognitively takes away energy.

I am wondering if we could have a function where we can link related items in the same level? I know there’s a linking function at the moment, but I am thinking more like visual links (at the note/check list segment)… like a cluster within the same level…

In my current idea, I am thinking like

  1. Enter creates a new item (already the case)
  2. Enter and tab creates a child…
  3. Can we do “Enter while shift” (for example, not sure if this shortcut is used but just an example) will create a sibling that is linked to the current item… Ideally, these groups of sibling items can be collapsed to show the first available item (aka if item 1 in the group is completed, item 2 will show)…

Shift-Enter is used to adding a note.

Hmm how is that different from a note? Press Shift+Enter on an item to try adding a note :slight_smile:

I am thinking something like that. They are different from note because they’re associated tasks. My suggestion was that having something like this would allow creation of grouped items that doesn’t have a parent.