Confidential Information on Dynalist

I’ve been using Dynalist for over 2 years now after moving from Workflowy. I gotta say, I love it. It helps organize my life immensely. However, I have recently moved to a professional job which holds company confidentiality to the highest regard. For this reason, I cannot use Dynalist because of their lack of support for zero-knowledge encryption or client-size encryption. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder

Is there anything in the pipeline to address this issue? I work in the R&D area and having confidential information on the platform would pose a problem, as it would be for a whole lot of other users, I’m guessing.


The simple truth is that if it’s in a cloud it is not secure. No matter how secure companies promise it is. Some of the biggest companies in the world have been hacked ( There is some data that just needs to be offline. Personal and sensitive information should not be stored in the cloud.

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Exact same problem here. Encryption or even offline functionality would be nice!

I suppose the right solution would involve client-side line by line encryption, although that would limit search capability?


I agree that client side encryption would be best. Search is local on the client I believe, so this wouldn’t be an issue. The api would then deliver encrypted data that needs to be unencrypted with a key, similar to the web client.


I too would love this feature as it drastically limits what I can put on Dynalist. About half of what I’d like to put on Dynalist is confidential and would require zero-knowledge E2E encryption.


Hello everyone,
please vote for the new trello card on client side encryption