Combine items easily

That would be nice. Not a deal killer… maybe something for pro users only…

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No idea what you are asking for.

A BIG part of dynalist is pruning my inbox of thoughts. Sometimes I have several items one on seperate “nodes”. I have to use the keyboard to

  1. point cursor at the beginning
  2. backspace to combine node with previous node
  3. point cursor at the beginning
    … n) depends on how many nodes you want to combine.

It would be nice to instead select all adjacent nodes, and then via a keyboard shortcut combine into one.
Hope this helps

I think you can go a lot quicker than your current process with the excellent ‘select’ and ‘cut’ mechanics in dynalist

So firstly if you press escape to remove your cursor, you can use ctrl and click to ‘select’ an entire node quickly, or you can click into the node and press ctrl+a twice - ctrl+a once selects all the text in the bullet, ctrl+a twice selects the whole node, including the note

You can use this to select multiple nodes easily, then ctrl+x to cut them and move them all somewhere e.g. under another node if that’s what you’re after

For merging, if you ‘select’ only one node and cut it then place your cursor at the end of the bullet you want to merge it with and paste, instead of making another bullet it will just paste the text on the end (and even add the note text), so the cut mechanic can be used flexibly to either create a new node, or merge quite easily

I played around with this a bit and it’s really quite fast … I select and cut stuff to move them around as default

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Hi Stephen, Thanks so much for responding, I’ll give this a shot and see if it helps!

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Yeah I tried it out, and at best if I have ten nodes i want to combine as one, id have to cut the node below and paste above 9 times. Thats why I was hoping the @Erica and the rest of the developers would create a way to just select all nodes and combine with one keyboard shortcut. Thanks anyway for the suggestion.


This would be very useful indeed, since many a time when I copy text from another application especially PDF’s new nodes start randomly somewhere in the middle of a sentence. And since I am working with a RTL language it gets really time consuming to combine the nodes back together.