Coloring nested list applies only to parent

Steps to reproduce

Select a nested list: 1 parent item and its sub-items
use shortcut to apply any color

Expected result

All selected items should change color. Parent and children

Actual result

Only parent changes color.


Windows, chrome

Additional comments

When you only select one parent and its children, the most probable intention is that you want to apply the change to all items, otherwise you would select just the parent.

Not necessarily, sometimes because you want to select multiple items on the same level, you inevitably select their children at the same time, unless you collapse them.

For that reason, I don’t think in all cases what you said is desired. You’d need to do another round of apply color labels on the children to be explicit.

Indeed, when you select multiple items on the same level you inevitably select the children too, which you may may not want to change, agreed.

However, when you select a single parent item and (some of) its children, and only the parent changes, it “feels” like bug, although, as a developer myself I could understand where this is coming from.

Minor point indeed, probably the refactoring for it is not worth your time for now :slight_smile:

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