Collapse/expand in Global Search

I use DL daily, all the time, and so it’s getting pretty big. When I do a Global Search, some sections display a lot of entries while I know that section won’t be relevant.

It would be handy if I can just collapse that section in that search result, the same way we can expand/collapse in the rest of the program.


This kinda rely on this one, sadly:

Also about having large sections with a lot of entries, I’m assuming all those entries match the keyword you entered?

Ah, wasn’t aware of that dependency. Thought it was a pure layout thing (div toggle or so).

Yes, those entries either are project notes or “how to” notes

Minor inconvenience though!

I see!

We’re trying to make the global search results be more and more like normal search results (in the next release the current checked/note visibility setting will be applied too). Maybe expand/collapse could be implemented before being truly editable, we’ll see!