Clipping images

How can I clip the images and insert to Dynalist while surfing the internet?
It seems not to be possible with the Chrome extension.

If you’re using Chrome, I recommend the Zoho Annotator plugin. I use it to clip parts of a page into an image, copy the image, and then paste it into Dynalist:

I use Droplr which is similar to Annotator. But it is not the solution I meant.
Need something to save the image with maximum two clicks, just like the Evernote web clipper.

You can use the Dynalist browser extension to send image links to your Dynalist inbox, but if you mean uploading the image to Dynalist in two clicks, sorry that’s not doable right now.

You can right click on the image, choose “Copy image” and then paste in Dynalist to upload it, but I guess that’s not your definition of two-clicks.

How to do?
Why do you say this? It is not possible to clip images with the extension.

Sorry I was wrong, you can clip the link to the image, but not the image itself :frowning: