Clicking "Item Move" link in Android app opens in browser

Steps to reproduce

Move an item under another item/document from within the Android app. Follow the resulting "Item moved under " link.

Expected result

I would expect following the link to open the relevant item/document within the Android app.

Actual result

The link opens the Dynalist item/document webpage in the Chrome web browser rather than in the Dynalist app.


OnePlus 5T, Android Pie

Additional information

The linking mechanism works fine when you have a link as an item (it gets automagically converted to a grey button to the linked item), so I would think that converting the URL in that “moved item” popup to a grey button link would fix the issue? It doesn’t look like Dynalist is registered as the default app for following links, so it seems like you can either register the app to associate with the URL, or you can just make that pop-up use the hard-link grey button that changes the view within the app.

Additional comments

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This issue has been fixed. See: After using "Move To" on mobile iOS app. Link in success pop-up opens up in browser instead of app

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