Checkbox on items without children

I know this feature has been exhaustively reviewed, but there still seems one outstanding issue.

If you deselect “Show checkbox in front of checklist parent”, the checkbox does not show even it if has no children. But in this case, I wouldn’t be toggling checkbox unless I wanted it to be shown.

Can this be changed so that checkbox is hidden only when the item has children?

Everyone uses the feature differently I know but this makes it almost unusable for me. The way my brain works I want to make individual items tasks to be completed not ‘lists’ of tasks. I often have notes interspersed with tasks.

  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • [] Task 1 with no children

Is this no longer possible now?


I think that works only if you have “Show checkbox in front of checklist parent” selected. But there is no reason why it shouldn’t work if you don’t, given it is a manual choice.

To use Dynalist for Bullet Journalling, the philosophy is that each item is either a Note, an Event, or a Task. It would be great if individual items could have checkboxes as Daniel showed an example. These Tasks appear at the same indentation level as other items, and usually do not have children for simple one-off Tasks that do not need to be broken down further.
(And Checkvist uses the exact syntax Daniel described “[]”.)

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