Changing between folder significantly slower

Noticing that after the server change everything is the same EXCEPT that going between notes (different folders) can be very slow. I have a folder that I share with my wife. Switching to that from my main one is fast - going back - about 30 seconds. This changed after the recent server change.

Hi Ken, I think I replied on Twitter yesterday too – does this only happen after starting Dynalist or does it always happen (say, after having Dynalist open for a few hours)?

Hi Erica,
Sorry I missed that Twitter response. This is a much better way for me.
Have not noticed. Let me test it now…
Main folder opened in about 2 seconds.
Switched to my shared folder - took about 1 second.
Switched back to my main folder - took 28 seconds.
This is both on the windows APP and on the Chrome version.
Ken Risley