Changed behaviour when using shortcut to make text italic

The current behaviour of the ctrl-I shortcut is as following:

  1. If a block of text is selected, the selection is wrapped in __, making the text italic as it should.
  2. If no text is selected, a pair of __ is added and the cursor is placed in the middle of it. This is similar, for example, to the way it works in this forum.

However, I’m quite sure the behaviour changed recently. It used to be that if no text is selected, a single __ was added. I think this is actually a better behaviour, because it allows to seamlessly do the following: 1) ctrl-I, 2) enter text to be italicised, 3) press ctrl-I again to complete the wrapping of the entered text.

On the other hand, the way it works now you have to: 1) press ctrl-I, 2) enter text, 3) use the arrows to go past the second __ and then keep writing.

I guess it may not be that big of a deal, but I find the previous behaviour to be significantly more efficient than the current one. Is there a specific reason why it was changed? Or is it just me and most people prefer the current behaviour?

Yes, the behavior was tweaked lately as we refactored and cleaned up related code. Didn’t intend this change though, although it is more consistent with the other behaviors (surround current selection with Markdown syntax).

We’ll discuss what to do internally, thanks for bringing this up, @Luca_Innocenti!

To anyone else reading this: please leave a comment if you feel the same, thanks in advance!

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