Change font for bullet based on tag

Hi all!

I was wondering, is it possible to do something similar like this in Dynalist?

I looked through the forum but couldn’t find anything related. This would be pretty cool.


Yes you can, since tags have the title attribute that contains its own text.

An example: Post your current Custom CSS (with comments)! (not exactly what you asked about but shows how to style based on tag content).

As for the font, you can either download the font and install them, or use @import to import them from a cloud provider, like Google Fonts.

I hope that helps!

Hi Erica,

Thanks for the quick reply. Your example is about styling the tag, that works fine. I would like to change the font for the entire outline like in the workflowy example though.


I see, sorry I didn’t read the entire thing but rather scanned it.

Looks like this author is using both TamperMonkey scripts AND custom CSS, which is, of course, possible, as having custom JavaScript is very powerful. Someone even made an entire enhancement to Dynalist using JavaScript.

JavaScript is not as straightforward as CSS though, so you’d need to do some tinkering on your end. Unfortunately, unlike some other use cases, changing font on an item level isn’t something people have done and shared on the forum before.