Capture into my inbox text focus

Steps to reproduce

Focus on an item, works also if you start writing a note, then jump to another app. Press the global shortcut for “Capture to inbox”.

Expected result

Dynalist app appears with capture inbox dialog, but with focus on dialog, not background item.

Actual result

Dynalist app appears with capture inbox modal dialog but focus is still on that item in background, so I have to use my mouse to set focus on modal dialog.


This is Mac desktop app.

Hmm can’t seem to repro…

Could you check the version of your desktop app for me? You can do that by choosing the “About” option in the main menu (menu icon at the top right corner).

Ah, sorry

You’re currently running Dynalist 1.0.44.

And the above behavior is reproducible in 1.0.44, right?

(The app auto-updates on restart so just making sure! :blush:)

Hi @Sebastjan, we’re doing a bug clean-up and just want to ask if the bug still happens for you?

Sebastjan is no longer using Dynalist so closing this.

I’m seeing this bug as well. I’m using macOS High Sierra 0.13.2 (17C88), in case that’s relevant. Reproducing in Dynalist 1.0.49.

Could be relevant, since I don’t remember being able to reproduce this bug on our test device which is running a different version of macOS.

If you use the shortcut while in Dynalist, does the bug appear? Trying to bisect and pinpoint the bug.

No the bug doesn’t appear if you’re focused on Dynalist. Only appears when you focus an item, then switch to a different app, then trigger the shortcut for add-to-inbox.

I see!

This bug has been tracked and we will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know.

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