Can't unset shortcut

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Keymap
  3. Click button to set a shortcut
  4. Hit Delete

Expected result

The shortcut for that action is cleared.

Actual result

Nothing changes.


Chrome on OS X

I don’t think Delete is accepted, nor does it appear in the instructions. The intended way of restoring (deleting) a shortcut is to click on the “Restore” icon on the right side of the shortcut.

It would be a bug if that icon doesn’t show up though.

Allowing restoring a shortcut to its default with Delete is a nice touch, but maybe it’s more appropriate as a feature rather than a bug?

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Oh, I meant unsetting shortcuts, not resetting them. As in: no shortcut at all for a particular action.

Hm, yeah, probably. I think I expected Delete to work because it does in many other apps that let you set shortcuts.

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That makes sense if you want to free up this shortcut!

I guess the obvious workaround is to assign it something almost impossible to press or get used by others (e.g. Cmd+Shift+Alt+Z). But I get what you mean, sounds like a nice-to-have little feature for custom shortcuts.