Can't select first character in "notes" (Android)

Steps to reproduce

On Android:

  1. Create a new item.
  2. Write some text in the “note” section of the item.
  3. Attempt to select and copy the entire note contents.

Expected result

The note contents are selected, and it’s possible to copy it.

Actual result

It’s not possible to highlight the first character in the note text and copy it. It looks like there’s an off by one bug in the way the note text field interacts with the Android system text selection, causing the first character to misbehave (it doesn’t allow copying if it’s selected, and it’s not always possible to select it).

See this screen capture which shows the odd behavior:


Android 11, native app.

Can repro, will see what’s going on. This only seems to happen if the note is the current zoomed node, but on child nodes it works just fine?

I’ve spent a few hours investigating, and this seems to be a recent Android WebView/Chromium bug that I cannot fix. Hopefully the chromium team can figure this one out soon, it’s pretty annoying!

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