Cannot install Dynalist in Linux (Ubuntu, etc.)

Steps to reproduce

  • Download Dynalist for Linux(64bit)
  • Right-click downloaded file and extract contents
  • Click on Dynalist icon

Expected result
Dynalist should open, allowing the user to log on.

Actual result
Nothing. App doesn’t open and there are no error messages


même soucis en juillet 2019

Try this:
1, get in the directory where you extracted the tar.gz file;
2, type “./dynalist” in the terminal and run it…
PS: and now you can see the icon in your software menu too…


Also make sure you don’t run “./dynalist” as root, since I was getting “No protocol specified”, but ran it normally when I did it as a non-root user.


I’m Elementary OS user (based on Ubuntu 18.04). Please, help me to install Dynalist on my laptop.

I downloaded dynalist.tar.gz archive from official page: Download - Dynalist. And I create Apps folder into my Home folder. And extract archive into my Apps folder.

Then I go to Dynalist folder (extracted) in terminal. And write: sudo ./dynalist. It launch my application, and app is correctly work.

But I don’t see Dynalist app into my applications menu.

Also for launch app, it needs sudo-permissions. What should I do to add Dynalist in applications menu (with icon)? Don’t convenient to launch app each time with terminal.