Can you add "New Page" when adding to folders

Hello there,

I was wondering if you can add “New Page” which adds a page like microsoft word or google docs.

That would be awesome


Page = document in Dynalist. If you right click on a folder, you can select “New document” there.

Did I miss something?

i apologize, i wasnt clear.

Right now you have “New Document” which adds a task list page.

However, i was looking for you to add something more like google docs or microsoft word page.

When you right click on the folder you can have another option called “New Page” which will add a “page” like google docs or a “page” like microsoft word and not “New Document” where it adds a task list page.

The “New Page” option will add a blank page where you can type on a single page.

Actually, exactly how when i hit “reply” on this thread it gives me an option to write this entire thread on one page.

I hope this makes it clearer.

Thank you

It does not have to be task list page, you could use it with bullets, instead of checkboxes.

Dynalist is an outilner for outling things, not for writing articles, unfortunately. There’s a layout option called Article View (you can find it in the main menu (menu icon at the top right corner)), and that’s the best Dynalist can do.

Yes, this is a forum, and it has an editor for writing replies. But Dynalist is not designed to do this, you might have better luck with Google Docs or Microsoft Word if you want to write articles. Dynalist is not designed to replace them, sorry about that.