Can #tags replace internal links at all?

For being future proof/compatibility, I am exploring ways to use #tags in place of internal links created by using [[.

I am not sure about the practicality. Although a #tag purposed for this could be repeatedly used, it identifies a very specific location (ie a specific bullet) within dynalist for allowing one to filter (via clicking on #tag) and navigate to that location at a later time. Being tightly locked to a bullet, it can be viewed not more than a location bookmark, with much lesser “functionality” than a usual tag.

If you practise such approach, do share. Looking to gather best practices in dealing with these “bookmark” tags, such as naming/organizing/maintaining them relative to its associated bullet and hosting document etc.

I don’t trust backlinks since they break if you move an item to another Doc. It also breaks down if you want to export or change to something else…

Read my post here to see how I do it:

Your response does help thank you.

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