Can pictures be exported from Dynalist into an opml file?

If I get a pro account so I can put images inline and store them in Dynalist, will the pictures carry through into an opml file?

Thank you!

The OMPL format cannot contain images, unless we encode it, which will pretty much mess up the OPML file.

Instead, your exported OPML file will contain a link to that image.

Does that answer your question?

Almost 100% sure dynalist is using AmazonS3 to host image assets. Dynalist is pulling the URL for that image asset when you see it in your notes.

Also, you don’t really want image data in a raw data format mixed in with dynalist backups. It would really convolute all the backup data and get messy.

The only way I know of right now to download image assets is to just go into your upload manager, find the file URL, download the image from there.

Or, read the OPML backup (found in dropbox/apps/dynalist) file and use a python script / regex to scrape all the URLS starting with then use something like extremePictureFinder to download all the links all at once

Correct me if I’m wrong @erica ?

also this is why I use imgur and shareX to host all my images :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s 100% correct. We use AWS to host the uploaded files.

Although using a python script to download all the images might be a bit too technical…