Can I share a Dynalist document with initial "Collapsed" state?

For some reason, I want to share a Dynalist document to other people with “Initial Collapsed” state, especially when the shared document is a a very large one, just like this:

One possible solution might be adding a URL string like: collapsed=Y, or more explicitly

The solution suggestion is just for clarification, what I really care is “Don’t overload readers’ eyes with an information waterfall” :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: There is a related discussion


I love this idea! It’s useful for other purposes too, like creating a URL for myself that always starts folded.

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Hello, It seems that this feature is still pending.

Would it be possible, when sharing a read-only list, for people to view the collapsed list first? The default layout is currently unfolded, and I think this is confusing for users not used to Dynalist. This is especially important, indeed, in the case of long lists.

Thank you in advance.
François (Brussels)

Hello. We would love to share any list item as collapsed. Any update on this feature?


Yes, but to my best knowledge this works only when sharing the first item of the list/document. It doesn’t work when sharing directly the link to a sub-item. Am I right?

Oh, yeah. Those share setting url parameters stop working with a z= zoom url parameter. Maybe post it as a bug on the bugs subforum
no workie

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