Can I make a bookmark that shows tagged items + children of tagged items?

For example the bookmark would display the results below. “____”=tab because I cannot type tab here. I don’t want to tag every child item because that’s too visually distracting. I also don’t want to click the + expand button every time I click the bookmark, that makes the flow too cumbersome feeling. I tried searching the URL string OR #work but no luck, the children are still collapsed.

____print the report
____staple the report
____eat some cheese
#work eat the bread
#work feed ernie

I’ll rephrase. I want a search operator that matches children of matches too. That way I can create a link that opens a view of everything related to a topic. For now I will manually “uncollapse all” every time i open the view.

Unfortunately that’s not available right now. It’s definitely a subtle but useful thing though.

Here’s a related feature request if you want to continue the discussion there: Method For Auto-Expanding Search Results