Calendar syncing is enabled for X documents - always resets to 0

Steps to reproduce

In Dynalist pro settings, bulk enable calendar syncing for all documents.
Settings correctly shows that 2 documents are sync enabled.
Wait a day or two.

Expected result

I expected all documents to stay sync enabled.

Actual result

At some point the number of sync’d documents resets to zero and no reminders appear in google calendar.


Web version Chrome, Mac,

Additional information

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Additional comments

@Derek_Brans: thanks for reporting the bug! This looks tricky to repro though, since I have that on forever and it seems fine. Might have something to do with your account.

@Shida could you look into if this is related to Google’s permission error?

Even if Google permission errors, I don’t think we disable it client side, so it should still show sync enabled.

That’s really odd, I took a look and it looks like we have never disabled sync automatically, if it’s not done by the user.

@Derek_Brans: has this happened multiple times or just once so far?

I think what might have happened is that I am renaming the documents? Could that have turned off syncing?

It hasn’t happened in the past couple days.

Renaming won’t do this, but deleting will. Any chance you deleted those synced documents?

So have you re-enabled sync for the documents right now? Could you let us know if this happens again in 1-2 days?

Does that mean it has happened only once or more than once? Looks like your account is pretty new so does that mean only once?

Thanks in advance.

It noticed it 3 or 4 times. I don’t think it had to do with deleting.
I’ll let you know if it happens again.

Thanks in advanced! And sorry for the inconveniences.