Calendar entries not synching

Steps to reproduce

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Mark an item in Dynalist with a date

Expected result

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This date then appears in apps that access the relevant Google calendar

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?

The item does not appear.


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

Latest web version.

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I was trying out the use of Calendar Notify as suggested by @Stephen_Dewitt, but I noticed that today’s all day events were not appearing. When I opened them, I saw that the closing date was shaded in pink, as below. When I clicked on the pink, it turned white and I then saved the entry, after which it appeared in the calendar.

Otherwise, the event appears in the Google calendar, but not others that access that same calendar.

I wonder if the calendar sync was not successful populating the closing date of calendar entries.

Additional comments

In regards to this the settings UI of calendar notify isn’t the best and this could possibly either be because the ‘show past events’ or ‘show all day events’ aren’t ticked (also there’s an option buried away about which calendars get shown) - however a key bit of information for me is whether the events are showing up in other google calendar apps? Is it just calendar notify that’s an issue?

Yes, those options are ticked and the events are missing in other calendar apps like Up To, though visible in Google.

Mmm how odd! Ahh actually I’ve just checked and all day events aren’t showing up for me either (I had only been using it for specific timed events), so I think this is a general issue, not specific to your situation - I remember @Vincent_Tang (?) or someone talking about an oddity in the way all day events are handled by dynalist (i.e. set to 00:00 or something, Vincent? Or am I thinking of someone else?)

You might have been thinking of this post I made: (About disabling google calendar sync if time stamp is current time)

Unrelated issue though

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Ah, maybe :confused:

Thanks for reporting this issue!

So the calendar item is visible in Google when viewing the calendar, but it’s not visible in the “Up to” view? Is that correct? And what’s the “Up to” view? Sorry not a Google Calendar power user here…

“Up To” and “Calendar Notify” are two of the calendar apps that draw on the Google calendars. They may have more strict rules about showing events without a “confirmed” end date.

Ah, I see… do they support other all-day events like holidays and birthdays?

Yes, they do.

That’s weird. I tried comparing a Dynalist-generated event and a manually generated event. They look the same to me, and the only difference is the pink shade. The “All day” checkbox was checked too. Not sure why they behaved differently…

I’m not a coder, but perhaps there’s a difference in the way Dynalist might populate the end date and how it happens manually. I notice that using Calendar sync for all day events with ActiveInbox also leaves the end date pink.

At least I can’t tell the difference with my eyes since they look the same.

Any ideas, @Shida?

Might be because of the way we set all day events to start and end to the same timestamp. I could try to shift it by a day, or a millisecond and see if Google Calendar likes that better.

I imagine if you shift it by a day it will become a two day event, no? Maybe the millisecond is a workaround for oblivious Google.

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Hmm, seems like all-day events created in Google Calendar has start and end dates that are exactly 1 day apart! I’ll make changes on my end and it’ll go out sometimes later.


Confirmed that this is indeed what Google Calendar needs: (no red background)

This should now be applied to all newly synced items.

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This seems promising. But I’m still seeing the red background with new items. I’ve refreshed Dynalist.

I just realized my commit didn’t make it to our last deployment. I’m making a new deployment right now.


Thanks for the quick response to this, you guys are the best!! :slight_smile: