Bundling bookmarks together - nested bookmarks or bookmark folders

I use Dynalist to organize my life, whether work or personal. It would be a great help if there was some sort of bookmark functionality that would allow me to bundle bookmarks together, i.e., all my work bookmark in one bundle, all my personal bookmarks in another.

Either nesting bookmarks together, where you can expand/contract the top level bookmark (like we do for a regular Dynalist item) or having folders where we could drag a bookmark into a folder.

Many thanks for your consideration and a huge thanks for such an amazing, helpful product! :grinning:


In the meantime you’ll have to create a page called bookmarks and then insert links to other points/pages by typing [[.

Good work around, thanks. I hope they implement this idea. I’m sure I’m not the only one to use Dynalist to manage personal and work life. It’s good to be able to keep the two separate.

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Totally, which is why I support the idea of custom panes as well.

Marc here agrees with Mark. The current linear bookmark implementation is too simple. I came over from Workflowy where the idea is that you organize your entire life in one doc. More robust bookmark management would save me a lot of time in manual navigation.

JP1, thanks for making this suggestion. I have been doing bookmarks this way ever since you suggested this a couple of months ago and it works even better than the native bookmark system in DL! This proves the incredible power of Dynalist to give the user the tools to come up with whatever organizational system they think is best!


Thanks for the kind words!

I still think bookmarks in folders might be of interest of many people. Evidence of popularity: it has been suggested a few times before:

Hey everyone,

Please use nested bookmarks or a combination of nested and folders

Nested bookmarks make more sense to me than folders. Folders use screen real estate without linking to a node. With folder you create extra lines for the name of the folder. If it would be a combination of folders and nested then the problem disappears as you have both options.

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+1 for bookmark folders