Add Folder to Bookmarks

I’m not sure why this isn’t a feature, but it could be due to a technical limitation.


It’s not a technical limitation per se, more like we just didn’t think it wold be necessary.

Technically it’s very simple to do, thanks to the well-abstracted code (thanks @Shida!). More work lies in migration and backward support, I guess.


What would ‘navigating’ to the folder (the primary purpose of bookmarks) mean?

The folders are only there for organizing the bookmarks. You can’t navigate to them. It’s the same concept of folder in the file pane – you can’t open them.

Oh, wait, is @JP1 asking about organizing bookmarks with folders as opposed to bookmarking a folder?

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Uhh… now I’m not sure any more :joy:

Let’s ask @JP1 then.

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I was asking about the latter, but the former also sounds good (but we may as well have the ability to add custom tabs at that point.

@JP1 If you did mean bookmarking folders, my question then is: What would ‘navigating’ to the folder (the primary purpose of bookmarks) mean?

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I’m sorry that I missed your question earlier, but I’m afraid I do not understand it.

Are you saying that this would make bookmarks redundant?

I guess the way I see it, is that bookmarks would consist of files/folders that are currently in use and easier to access via the file pane. Of course, one can use ctrl+O if they know the name of the file, but in the case that they do not, they’ll have the bookmarks bar to find it.

My question is, what would having folders as bookmarks do? Like, what would happen if you clicked on them in the bookmarks pane?

I guess it could include the folder and contents, and make a shortcut in the bookmarks bar, or jump to it’s location in the file pane and then open it from there, assuming that the former would be too much.

Which one do you think would be better (if not an alternative)?

If may chime in: I’d like to see this feature as well – being able to bookmark folders.

For instance, I operate a number of websites. The sites are organized in Tiers. I have a folder for each Tier, and each of those folders include sub-folders for the sites in that Tier. Each of those subfolders include documents with pertinent information.

Like so:

Tier 1 [Folder]

  • Site A [Folder]
    – Information abc
    – Details xyz
  • Site B [Folder]
    – Information abc
    – Sources xyz

In that example I can currently bookmark Information abc in folder Site A. But it would be handy to be able to bookmark the folder for Site A in order to get an overview of all the docs. For the same reason, it would be handy for me to bookmark the Tier 1 folder in order to get a quick overview of all the folders (sites) there.

The other suggestion – the ability to organize bookmarks in folders – makes sense as well.

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I guess a current workaround would be to include similar hashtags in the document titles, but that could get messy.

This feels a slippery slope to recreating all of list functionality at the document level. I much like

more, or perhaps just even making the documents and bookmarks pane the same??

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Another hidden requirement of this feature is that there’s no behavior of “going to a folder” right now. Ideally it should scroll to reveal that folder, highlight it, and open it if it’s closed, but that’s not implemented yet. After that’s implemented, making files bookmarkable is trivial.


That would work for me as well, yes, I guess.

I do see this as two separate suggestions, though:

  • Ability to bookmark folders
  • Ability to organize bookmarks in folders

The first for reasons I mentioned above.
The second because I can imagine ending up with lots of bookmarks

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I’d like to second the potential utility of

“Ability to organize bookmarks in folders”

Bookmarks are much more usable in dynalist than WF. I can see I’d potentially make a lot. In which case, I’d like to be able to organise them.


Desperately need “organizing bookmarks with folders” here!! Please make it for us! :smile:

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I have a Strong need for this Feature as Ihave several Documents and Want to ORganize and View/Access my Bookmarks by Folder.

Being able to create a Divider would be a stop gap feature.

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I also would love to having folders to organize my bookmarks