Bullet Journal with the Use cases with Tags

Hi All,
I have been a super user of Evernote for about a decade. Recently I was looking at Roam and a few other options. Overtime I realised my objective with these tools was 1) to take notes quickly and simply and 2) to centralise them so i can link ideas to create new insights. My reason to switch came when I suddenly realised I was using tags all wrong. the idea of tagging a block rather than a whole note has changed everything.

How I use Dynalist Today
It is week 1 for me so far.

  1. quick notes - i might still use handwritten notes with my ipad but I am going to convert them quickly into a bullet journal.


  • Future log for outline of tasks to do this year
  • Monthly with drill down to daily log
  • Inside daily log I use
  • Bullets for tasks, notes and events
  • Each bullet can be tagged if I want to link it to group some notes, tasks, etc

Learning Document.
This is where I put articles, readings, notes on research. again i can tag a specific block (eg word, sentence or paragraph) to link any topic to another.


  • Before dynalist if i needed to enter a receipt, list or note I would have to first open the specific note and then enter it. now i just log the item in my journal with a tag. its almost too simple. i keep thinking whatelse do i need to do:)
  • Before I used to tag a whole note. Now with dynalist I can tag a block (word, sentence or paragraph). this way if as i am taking a note and i realise the discussion relates to another topic or it is important for me to link it to other knowledge then i use tags.
  • It took me some steep learning but I also figured out ancestor: #XXX enabled me to show up all the notes and comments on that topic. this creates virtual dynamic notebooks on topics.
  • with this tag search feature I dont need any other note books just one journal and the tags. Examples1. over the years I will meet clients take notes. now when I meet them i make brief notes in my daily log, tag them with the client name and then use the tag to see the whole search history of that client over time. amazing.
    Example2. when i am taking notes. i might realise an action. so again i create a bullet and tag#action. i have a bookmark saved search for ancestor:#action.
    This system does not need to get much prettier or complex. My only comment is that learning “ancestor:” maybe too hard for some.
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This is similar but maybe a bit more streamlined version of my concept. You have put to words many of the things I do.

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Thanks for the comment. I gather there is no way yet to group tags. I have some #parent.child. hoping for a better approach soon.