BuJo agenda structure

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I’m new to Dynalist (and outliner apps).

How can I get an agenda structure like this :

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Over at Workflowy they shared a perpetual calendar. You can find it there and if it suits you, export/import the outline.


Thx you @Alan, very helpful.

Is there an other way to deal with “calendar” or “tasks related to time” ?

You can insert dates (optional time). You can search dates/date ranges. You can link these to Google calendar. I am not an expert on any of these.

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I use a manual calendar - I have a template in excel and can have a new year set up in 10 minutes or so

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I saw your previous post and it’s really cool.
Thanks you @Stephen_Dewitt

How do you manage “recurring tasks” ?

Yea recurring tasks are the biggest problem, you have to do it manually. Just like with paper diaries, I have a weekly template with all recurring events which I keep updated and then fill in my main calendar periodically. My recurring events don’t really change so i can fill out months in advance but if you were in a job where these things regularly change like meetings etc you’d only full them in either weekly or monthly. When you are planning an event further in the future you would check your template as well as your main calendar to be sure there’s no clash.

Edit: i also use Google calendar for regular recurring reminders - these are for things i don’t have to plan so it’s fine for me to only see them when they pop up e.g. get a haircut soon every month, or two week reminders before key birthdays. When these pop up i either take action on them immediately or chuck a reminder into dynalist to action it. I really like having these separate actually do they don’t visually bung up my main calendar.

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Thx @Stephen_Dewitt

I was thinking of he same process :smiley:

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