Bug or feature? Mobile app inline image is a square



Don’t know if this is a bug or a feature, but when I’m in the mobile app trying to view an inline image that I created in the webUI, all I see is a square that if I click the square it’ll take me to safari app where I have to log in to my dynalist account and then it’ll show me the image. Is there not a way to view the image without leaving the dynalist app?

iOS 11.4 using Dynalist app w/ no updates pending.


Hmm, could you show me a screenshot please?


Sure thing. Here is a screenshot


Sorry for the late reply, I can’t seem to repro the bug. My inline images look fine.

Any chance you have custom CSS enabled that make images really small?


haven’t implemented any custom CSS, no.


So sorry for the super late reply! We’ve been doing an office move recently.

And this happens for all the images, not just particular ones?

My guess is that the image is blocked somehow, but if Dynalist sync works, the images should be accessible.

Is the image uploaded to Dynalist, or is the link to an image on the web?


All images, yes.

Image uploaded to Dynalist.


Is this issue addressed or resolved? I see small squares for the inline images on iOS (both iPhone and iPad). They work fine on the Mac app.