Bug in narrow view of the Windows desktop app

Steps to reproduce

Open desktop app and reduce the wide of the window so the left panel is replaced by the hamburguer icon on the top left of the window

Expected result

The collapse/expand sign is separated of the bullet point and I can use both.

Actual result

The collapse/expand sign is over/above the bullet point so I cannot use the bullet (cannot zoom in and cannot right click to open the menu of the item.


Dynalist ´s Windows desktop.

Additional information

Screenshot here

Additional comments

This bug was not present in prior versions

What’s your desktop app version? You can check the version in main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - About.

Version is 1.0.37.

Can’t seem to repro, I resized my app to be even narrower than yours: (my cursor is at the “Tasks”)

Ir is working now.
The collape/expand sign is now at the right side of the item.
Maybe the version was updated on my desktop overnight

Thanksb Erica, you can close this issue

Yes, I was suspecting the same thing since this is the very bug we fixed in 1.0.37.

Thanks for going through this with me, closing this :slight_smile: