Browser Bookmarks

Maybe this is just a browser extension and not the domain of dynalist but i have been looking for a simple way to manage bookmarks between browser. I use Chrome and Firefox for work but it is hard to keep the bookmarks in sync and there doesn’t see to be a very simple way to manage the bookmarks. All i would look for is ability to specify a single document as your sync page and then allow the extension to have a toolbar that converts the markdown links into links. Each level in the dynalist document is a folder. Additionally an Icon to add to the dynalist links to favorites and allow for creating a folder (parent link).

Hi @Brian_Garvey, thanks for thinking of Dynalist when you’re having this need – we appreciate your trust in Dynalist’s usefulness!

This topic has actually been brought up a few times. We’ve decided not to move Dynalist into a browser tab/bookmark management tool though.

In the future, with a working API, someone might come up with a Dynalist extension for this. We’re not going to implement it in the Dynalist core though. Keeping it as a general purpose outliner tool is our goal.

I did find some apps and software that’s specialized in this though, take a look:

I hope that’s understandable!

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