Breaking a line bug in iOS App

Steps to reproduce

Breaking a line (entering a carriage return)

Expected result

Make a new line with bullet, a cursor is in a head of the new line.

Actual result (always)

Make a new line with bullet, and more new line with no bullet.
A cursor is in the second line (no bullet).


iOS app v1.4.11 (and maybe some earlier version).

This bug only appears on iPad mini 4 with iOS 14.3, does not appear on iPhone SE2 with iOS 14.3 or other environments(Windows app and Web).

Additional information

Short movie here:!AtNlxtZC52lDg5wSXIu22wfIBo7ZIA?e=cnJ5Fh

I was unable to reproduce this issue on an iPad running iOS 14.4.2. Any chance it has been fixed by apple? Could you please try and see if it’s been fixed with a newer version?