Bookmark does not update when you update the source node

Steps to reproduce

I created a number of bookmarks.

However when I go and edited the bookmarked node, the bookmark (visible in the list on the left hand side) stays the same and does not update.

Expected result

I would expect that the list on the left side updates in line with the information in my node.

Actual result

List does not update.


Using desktop - Chrome.

Additional information

Additional comments

Sorry, the bookmarks won’t update with the source item.

As you can see, when you created the bookmark, you were able to write whatever you want. Because the original item content might be long, the title of the bookmark is the description of the item to yourself.

It’s actually just like how bookmarks work in a browser. A browser bookmark won’t update when the destination website changes title either.

I think the best we can do is to pull the item name when the bookmark title is empty. I don’t think we’ll update the bookmark title every time the item content changes. In other people’s use case (including mine), I use something that’s different than the original title for the bookmark, so it’s more friendly for myself. I certainly don’t want it getting overridden every time I edit that item.

I hope that’s understandable!