Blank screen when opening Dynalist desktop app with particular document

Bug previously reported here. Deleting data/config/cache folders and reinstalling etc does not fix the problem.

A particular document renders without issue using a browser (Chrome) or the mobile app (Android). If this document is the last opened document (on web/mobile etc), the only way to prevent a blank screen from occurring in the desktop app is to rapidly switch to a different document (in the navigation pane) before the troublesome document fully loads. If the troublesome document fully loads, the desktop window then becomes blank and is unusable.

Could you try to open the developer console by pressing alt, then using the menu View -> Toggle Developer tools. Once there, open the console tab and let me know if there’s any error messages that shows up when the page crashes.

Log items in orange appear as soon as I switch to the troublesome document in Desktop app:

Thanks @Shida!

Was that it? Those messages only seems to say the page has gotten slower…

When you say the page blanks out, does the console stay like this, or is there something else that shows up?

Hi @Shida

After about one second after rendering the document successfully (as far as I can see), the window turns white/blank, and this console message appears:

Hmm just as I suspected, the process crashes. You said it works in Chrome right? Is it a big document?

Document loads in Chrome (Win 10, i7-10750H), but tab becomes unresponsive every few seconds (though was usable only a few weeks ago).

Document loads on mobile (Android 10, Snapdragon 855), and is editable without issue.

6742 nodes/items (as ‘outline’ elements in 427 KB OPML export). Would be helpful to know what limits I need to work within!

Hmm I don’t think there’s any explicit limit, but big documents do lead to performance issues sometimes, especially if the markup being used is heavy.

Does it help if you try to split the documents into smaller ones? If you have many links be careful as they have document ID references that might get broken when you move items across documents.

I have developed this same problem today in Windows Desktop app. Document works fine in browser, iPad etc. Behaves exactly as described here only in the Windows desktop app.