Better iOS Share extension

Currently, it is very difficult to add notes additional not to something when using the share extension on iOS. There is no way to add line breaks. When you hit return the extension accepts this as you clicking the “add” button.

I often find quotes from articles that I am reading which I share to Dynalist. I would like to be able to hit return a few times to get a few line breaks and then add the source of my quote. This would make it easier for me to later go into the desktop app and separate things in nested bullets.

Can we please have return create line breaks and ONLY add via the “add” button?

Also is there a reason that the share extension is so visually cramped? Can we open this up to use the screen real estate more instead of cramping at the top of the screen?

I’d really like to see the share extension look and function more like the share extension for Drafts. Thanks!! :crossed_fingers: