Backslash not displayed anymore?

I have used backslashes (\) in Dynalist frequently, for example to note down folder paths. Since a couple of days, it seems (maybe since the last update, I am not sure), backslashes are not displayed anymore when the line is not focused (although they are still there).


line not focused:
same line with focus (or in editing mode, I don’t know how to call it):

I am not aware of changing any settings and pretty sure that backslashes were displayed without line focus in the past (I have tried the desktop app as well as latest IE and Microsoft Edge, all on Win10).

Now, it seems, I have to escape backslashes (\\) to have them displayed without line focus:

no line focus:
with line focus:

Is that a bug or new feature? What am I missing? Anyone else have this “problem”?
Thanks for your help!

@Shida: Is this the same as the recent bug related to the code blocks?

Yes, backslashes are now used to escape characters where it previously didn’t work. However, backslashes are only suppose to take effect on some characters, not everything.

I will file this as a bug to be fixed!

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Hi, I think the fix for this may have caused a regression (?) because a backslash inside code blocks is not rendered any more:

xzcat */_____.txt.xz| grep -iE "//.*/.*\.(rdf|ttl|nt|trig|jsonld|hdt|rdfhdt)$" | head is shown as


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