Automatic and manual backup broken in mac app

Steps to reproduce

My most recent Dropbox auto backup is 30 Sept. In the macOS Dynalist app v1.0.41 when I go to the hamburger icon and select ‘Download backup’ nothing happens. No files in Dropbox or download folder. If I go to finder and search for all zip files on the entire computer and sort by date, 30 Sep is the most recent.

So both the automatic and manual backup options seem to be broken in the mac app.

In Safari v11.0, the manual download backup option is still working.


Which operating system are you using? MacOS v10.13 Which browser are you using? Safari v11 If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist? v1.0.41

We took a look at the logs, and looks like all Dropbox backups from Sept 30 through today succeeded.

A few guesses: is it possible that you moved the folder in Dropbox/App/Dynalist? And is it possible that you disabled Dropbox sync? And do you have some kind of automatic disk management software that cleans off useless data?


Thanks Erica. I have cracked it. The Dropbox client had stopped restarting with the computer (hence it wasn’t syncing). This is almost certainly a result of upgrading to MacOS 10.13 as I have noticed some other apps that somehow stopped running at start up too.

Many thanks

I see, thanks for the update! Glad to know you figured it out :slight_smile: