Auto-detect system theme on macOS Big Sur does not default to Dark

Steps to reproduce

Select “Dark” Appearance in macOS System Preferences
Open macOS Dynalist App
Select “Auto-detect” Theme under Settings:Preferences in Dynalist app

Expected result

I expect to see the theme of all my versions of the Dynalist app on my macOS system (Dynalist desktop app, Safari browser Dynalist web app and Chrome browser Dynalist web app) to reflect my system preferences, which is Dark

Actual result

The Dynalist desktop app is Light
The Safari browser version of Dynalist is Dark
The Chrome browser version of Dynalist is Dark


macOS Big Sur v11.0.1
Google Chrome v86.0.4240.198
Safari v14.0.1
Dynalist macOS desktop app v1.4.2
No scripts only style sheets

Ah this is a bug indeed. I think the system theme detection hasn’t made it to the older version of our engine (Electron). It would be fixed once we update that, but in the meantime you’ll have to manually set to dark. Sorry about that!

This should now be fixed, but you’ll have to download the latest installer from our website, and replace your previous installation.