Attachments Handling

Is there a way to make attachments be opened in a native application (MS Word, or Adobe, etc.) and save the changes to those attachments directly (similarly to what OneNote/Evernote does)? I understand that currently the attachment is downloaded locally first and if you want to update the attachment in Dynalist, you have to manually download and then upload an updated version. I have no idea what the technological implications of this question are, but just wanted to throw it out there in case other people have thoughts/comments.

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It would be nice even if there was an attachment viewer (as in Trello). Having to download the attachment and open it in an app is cumbersome when you just want to quickly glance at an attachment. (PDF file for example).

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If that’s the use case, please consider using the desktop app and directly link to it.

Honestly I think this use case is best handled by storing these files in Dropbox or Google Drive. Their backup/file sharing works way better. These services even allow you to edit these files online, so inserting a web link is also fine, if you use Dynalist on the browser.

Attachments in Dynalist work more like email attachment in ancient ages. You can download it but not manipulate the hosted version directly. So we encourage you to use it like that. File attachment is more of a convenience feature rather than a core offering, and we don’t plan on invest a lot in it as it’s not our specialty either.

I hope that’s understandable!


Just saw this thread when searching for information on attachments. After looking at the way takes care of their attachments, I was wondering if the same thing would be considered her. Sound like the answer is no. Since you mentioned linking directly to Google Drive, which I use, I wonder if there is a 'best practices for that type of use?

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The attachment feature is a core reason I chose Dynalist. How do I collapse images like notes? So you can see there is an attachment but it doesnt take up half of the page?

You can add images as subnodes and collapse it. On the other hand you can use this custom CSS to size it your way:

/* Images are shrunk to 50 pixel thumbnails */
.node-displayed-image { max-width: 50px; max-height: 50px; } 
/* Hovering over an image thumbnail enbiggens it */
.node-displayed-image:hover { max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; }

But I also think, that file attachment is not the dynalist core feature.

The documentation says I have to compile it into a css file. Can you explain how to do this?

As Pro-user it is much easier you think. Check your preference. There you can add custom CSS. Just insert there and here you are :wink: