Article View; can not view compact

Steps to reproduce

Switch to Article View on desktop web browser
Attempt to adjust list density.

Expected result

What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?
Expect the Article View to change density when I select a different density of option.

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?
Nothing seems to happen. Maybe the change is subtle but I don’t see any difference as I can when making the same changes without Article view.


Which operating system are you using? Mac OS & Windows
Which browser are you using? Chrome and Safari
If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist? n/a
Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack? No

Additional information

Anything else you think would help our investigation, like a screenshot or a log file? You can drag and drop screenshots to this box. For large amount of text, try putting them into something like Pastebin.

I believe it’s always been a thing since I started using Dynalist about a year ago.

Additional comments

I keep thinking it will be fixed, but then I was unable to find anything on the topic

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