Are you staying with Dynalist?

I was using Dynalist for a while, and was a big fan, but the updates have died off. :frowning: The team seems understandably distracted by obsidian’s success, which makes sense. I’m exploring switching to logseq or remnote. Not as polished as dynalist, but seem much more active and powerful, so I’m going to try to switch.

Has anyone tried exporting their notes into one of these other tools? I couldn’t find an importer for logseq. The remnote importer worked okay for me with this page. Does anyone know of a better way?

Dynalist is still the best as far as I can tell

To move a doc you pretty much just select-all and paste into logseq. I don’t think any importer tool is needed. If that doesn’t work, click “Export” on the doc and use “plain text” mode - that will be markdown. The select-all, copy, paste int oa logseq doc. Surely logseq will accept that perfectly since it is markdown itself.

Since moving from dynalist to logseq (or any other service) world require all of 37 seconds of total effort for me, I have zero plans to pre-emptively migrate. I’ll leave dynalist the moment it dies (but I bet it doesnt die, its their first pet project and seems basic to maintain indefinately)

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