Archive Items?


Is there a way to archive an entire document or an entire folder, so that its children don’t appear in searches?

Sometimes I write notes for a project I’m working on, but once that is completed, I move it into an Archives folder. When I do a global search, I don’t want to see items in that completed project show up anymore. But I want to keep that document around so that if I need to reference it in the future, I can dig down into my Archives folder.

So it would be nice if I could right click on the Archives folder and say (“Exclude this folder and its documents and items from search.”) Of course the command could be shortened to “Exclude from search.”



Maybe we can add a new search operator.


Returns anything that is under a folder matching “archives”.

Then I can put a minus operator in front of it, to give me things that are NOT in the archives. :stuck_out_tongue: