Archive Items?

Is there a way to archive an entire document or an entire folder, so that its children don’t appear in searches?

Sometimes I write notes for a project I’m working on, but once that is completed, I move it into an Archives folder. When I do a global search, I don’t want to see items in that completed project show up anymore. But I want to keep that document around so that if I need to reference it in the future, I can dig down into my Archives folder.

So it would be nice if I could right click on the Archives folder and say (“Exclude this folder and its documents and items from search.”) Of course the command could be shortened to “Exclude from search.”


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Maybe we can add a new search operator.


Returns anything that is under a folder matching “archives”.

Then I can put a minus operator in front of it, to give me things that are NOT in the archives. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just noticed a document archive button! Did I miss this before? Or did it magically appear :slight_smile: :woman_mage:?

In any case, it works exactly as I expect. Thanks for your awesomeness.

It was announced a week ago in the September update

@Erica I think it’s worth putting this under the Whats New icon in the Dynalist app

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Agreed. In-app notifications FTW.

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