API wishlist

Yup, that’d be ideal.

I’ve got a couple of items I’d like to add to the wishlist:

  • Moving items between documents (API)
    • I’m not sure how the native clients deal with this - if they re-create & delete, then maybe just being able to optionally include the created date in the insert would be enough to mimic a ‘move’ between files.
  • API to rename/delete tags
    • Are tags stored/indexed separately on the backend? Or are clients doing the work? The latter would make sense if the data is stored as a single document blob.
  • Ability to change a node’s collapsed state
    • I’d like to be able to set this value on the initial ‘insert’ of a node, as well as the ability to toggle it for an existing node.

Overall, great work on the API! I haven’t had any issues yet.