Anyone interested in a samsung Bixby to inbox capsule?

I’m finding Bixby pretty useful these days. Just holding button to give a command and releasing.
It feels like writing the custom capsule to capture to the dynalist inbox shouldn’t be too hard.

I disabled bixby on my samsung years ago in favor of google assistant on my android wear watch.

But if you like it, good luck with the project. These guides may be of help

and also a basic curl version Does anyone have curl code to "add to inbox"? Sorry I am not good at programming

or you can set bixby up to ‘email to inbox’ in settings of dynalist

True I’d forgot about the ability to send emails via bixby. Text seems to be the simpler route and is working fine. Thank you.

Bixby has improved a lot from the old days it seems like they finally worked out what the strengths and weaknesses are. App integration, settings management and the convenience of the shortcut are the highlights for me. I can just double tap a button on my watch and speak a command or hold a button on my phone. None of that awkward “hey Google” and waiting.

Alright. Yeah it probably does phone automation a lot better than google. On my Ticwatch 3 I hold a dedicated button, speak immediately, and release when done, no ‘hey google’ or wait required. Also android home button can be held for the same thing now.