Anyone having trouble pasting an image?

I copy/paste some images to my list in the past without problem but now when I try to paste an image it only pastes as link, not image. I need to put the brackets by myself to fix it. Why?

Can’t repro on my side, how exactly are you pasting it? Was it a screenshot or an image file?

Thank you for your prompt response Erica!

I did a random search from google and clicked “Copy Image Address” and pasted into Dynalist and it appeared as blabla.jpg link. Both Safari and Chrome is like this.

However, If I try to paste a screenshot I just took, Chrome pastes it into dynalist as Pasted Image and Safari doesn’t even pastes it at all.

When you click “Copy Image Address”, that’s exactly what you’re asking the browser to do: “copy the URL of this image to the clipboard.” So when you hit paste, a URL will appear.

With some web setups, Chrome under Windows for example, in some web applications when you open the file picker, you can paste in this URL: the browser will download the image in the background, then upload it to the web application.

This won’t work in Dynalist because there is no file picker.

Some web applications support “Copy Image” to paste: in the background the browser downloads the image to your temporary files, then uploads it. Facebook is a good example of this.

This won’t work in Dynalist.

When you take a screenshot, the image literally is in your clipboard – it doesn’t need to be downloaded; it’s there. Upon pasting the browser uploads it to Dynalist and voila, you have an pasted image.

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This is what I did, as shown in the Dynalist blog entry here.

For example when I right click Pavarotti’s image in here and select “Copy Image” and paste into dynalist as seen in the gif above, it appears as (in Safari browser)

When I do the same in Chrome the pasted URL appears as

Neither appears as “Pasted Image”

Can’t remember if this was working before but I can partly reproduce what you describe:

  • right-click image in chrome → copy image
  • paste: does nothing: no URL, nothing

WIndows 10, Chrome 62.0.3202.94

For me, chrome always pastes some kind of URL even though Pasted Image wont work. Pasted Image only works in chrome when I paste a screenshot from my clipboard.
Safari returns nothing when I do the same thing.

Could you please tell me in which case Pasted Image (automatically) works in your dynalist?

Do you have any guess why its like this Erica? Isn’t it odd that the response varies this much?

@John1, sorry for the late reply!

My observation is the below:

  • Drag and drop a file on your hard disk works;
  • Most screenshot programs work, since they store the raw image in your clipboard;
  • If you right click an image and choose “Copy image”, it doesn’t work.

I think the last behavior is new. My guess is that at the time of the implementation (around 1.5 years ago), the browser would give us the raw image, just like in the 2nd case. However, now browsers have changed to put base 64 data in the clipboard, which Dynalist needs to properly handle in order to upload the file.

Do you mind posting a bug report about the 3rd case that’s not working? And I guess that’s the main problem you’re having here?

I’d love to see this fixed for Safari. It works in Chrome & Firefox on Mac. Quick repro:

  1. Press Press Shift-Command-4 to copy screen selection to clipboard.
  2. Paste into a selected Dynalist node.
  3. In Chrome/FF, it pastes something like ![Pasted image]( In Safari, nothing happens.

Sorry for the late reply!

I’m closing this help inquiry so moving the bug report here: Can't paste screenshot in Safari

I’ve been cleaning bugs out and it seems like this is one of the things we can’t fix. It’s an issue with Safari, which hasn’t been fixed in the last 2+ years.

More details on the bug report page here: Can't paste screenshot in Safari - #2 by Shida

The problem is occuring again. Win10 Pro, Chrome and desktop app latest versions.
If i drag and drop an image, the “Drop here” window appears, but then nothing happens.
if I copy to clipboard and paste it , i get “uploading” url which never changes.