Annotate images with apple pencil (markup feature)

Hey everyone,

I really like making annotations with my apple pencil on the iPad.
In Apple Notes I have the option to draw on any of my inserted images & scanned documents.
When I click on an image it gives me the option to open it with the built in apple markup app.
Is it possible to create a feature for editing images by sharing them to the markup app and updating it afterwards too?


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Not sure I understand the request…

Do you mean that you want a link that opens the image in the markup app inside Dynalist?

Yes, and also put the changes I made into dynalist afterwards.

That might be more difficult, especially if you want to view your drawings on other platforms.

Honestly I’m not too sure how it works as I’ve never used Apple Pencil. Does it just save to a plain image? For example, after saving your drawing, would you be able to delete previously drawn lines? And does it use a special format to save the drawing?

Hum you might be right.
I don’t think it saves it to a plain image.
You can delete and change previously drawn lines.

So it saves to a file of special format, I guess.

Adding links to local files might be the solution, but I don’t know if Dynalist can display and render the Apple Pencil drawings.