Android: Share with dynalist (from another app) doesn't work

Steps to reproduce

Open any app where you can select text (browser, text messaging app…)
Select a text and choose share
Select Dynalist

Expected result

In one way or another the selected text should be added to my Dynalist

Actual result

Dynalist app is getting open but then nothing else happens : no text is added to a node, the text is also not available from copy…

A good fix for this bug

In short: the best way would be to get a similar “Share widget” as the one used by Google Keep : it’s doesn’t open the whole app

In details : let’s say I am reading an article on my android browser and want to save a sentence to Dynalist. One easy way to do it is to select the text, select Share, select Dynalist and then Dynalist open small widget on top of my browser and ask me where I want to save the text.
This is how Google Keep does it and it’s super convenient.

Currently the best solution with Dynalist is very cumbersome : first I have to copy the text, then I need to open Dynalist (which takes a while), then I paste the sentence, then I go back to the browser but because it lost focus, the page I was on is reloaded and once it is done, I have to scroll down and find where I left off.


Android MIUI global 12.02
mobile app version number 1.4.13