Android Google Workspace Google Play Search doesn't find Dynalist

When I search for “Dynalist” on the Google Play Store on my Google Pixel 5 phone, logged in to my Google Workspace account, the Dynalist app isn’t found. But when I’m logged in with my free Gmail account, Dynalist is found.

This certainly could be my own fault since I’m the admin of the Workspace account but it’s odd that the search results I see when logged in to my Google Workspace account are as follows:

  • an ad for RoutineFlow
  • a group of ads for FamilyWall, Quicktakes, Upkept - Home Maintenance, Fabulous Daily Planner, and others
  • Quick Dynalist
  • Evernote
  • Workflowy
  • Obsidian
  • others…

So… Evernote, Workflowy, and Obsidian show up as search results but Dynalist doesn’t! What’s up with that?

PS. Dynalist makes my life better and more productive! Thank you!!!