Android - expand/collapse quirk

Steps to reproduce

Press expand /collapse (+) on Android, makes keyboard (SwiftKey) appear and cursor position change.

Expected result

Keyboard remains hidden, cursor remains where it is.

Actual result

As above


Latest android

Thanks for the bug report.

Is that Dynalist app version the latest (1.1.14) too?

I don’t understand the ‘too’, it is the latest Android.

I am using latest Dynalist app and Swiftkey on Android, experiencing this as well.

Sorry, that’s a misunderstanding then, when you said “latest android” I thought you meant the latest Android OS.

I was just double checking since this, at least on the surface, sounds like a bug we fixed a few versions back.

Thanks for letting us know!

So the expand/collapse worked, but brought up the keyboard at the same time. Is that correct? Or the expand/collapse didn’t work?

I should clarify, and OP can state whether or not his experience is the same: When I tap to bring up the keyboard, input any text, hit back to close keyboard, then expand/collapse the keyboard is brought up again on each expand/collapse. This must be because the cursor is placed where I left it, I just hit back to hide the keyboard.

I think the expected behaviour would be to tap to place cursor, input text, hit back to close keyboard and then navigate without having the keyboard brought up each time. Or, perhaps back to close the keyboard also stops the text input mode or whatever it might be called, so there is no cursor placement (sorry I am not a programmer).

Thanks for the clarification!

I was able to reproduce the problem with these steps. It looks like the bug happens when you’re focusing on an item and manually close the keyboard, but not when you’re not focusing. That was the key to reproducing the issue.

We’ll try fixing this asap, thanks for reporting @Morgan_Newall @Bob_G!

Hi @Morgan_Newall, sorry for digging this up! We’re cleaning up the bugs and would like to know if the bug is still happening to you? If not we’ll close this bug.

Yeah, haven’t experienced in some time!

EDIT: RESOLVED, Pro feature, my Pro had lapsed, now reinstated and working :wink:
While at it - will search and comment next re missing (as per detail in Help docs) mindmap functionality.

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